Installing Google Chrome – openSUSE Fedora Repository RPM

wholesale loose diamonds . storage units . atlantic city hotels . Recently someone emailed me and said they couldn’t get Google Chrome installed on their openSUSE 11 box. Build Website . Charter Communications . newark airport . jewelry stores . state bar of texas . limos . atlantic storage . maine mall . moving storage . So I decided to write up a little installation using Google’s repository and zypper (zypper for opensuse and yum for fedora).To setup the repository in openSUSE add the repository with:

sudo zypper ar`uname -i` google-chrome
You can then install google chrome with:
sudo zypper in google-chrome-beta
orsudo zypper in google-chrome-unstableUnstable are snapshot builds of Chrome, whereas Beta are more structured and tested released milestones.If you have any questions, or get any errors running this please let me know.I’m currently running version Google Chrome Beta, and while writing this the current unstable version is

21 thoughts on “Installing Google Chrome – openSUSE Fedora Repository RPM”

  1. Thanks Ben.

    That worked a treat. I have just moved over to OpenSuse from Ubuntu, so I am used to everything (almost) installing at a click of a button, where as now nothing installs without the need for tampering, but I love the challenge

  2. @Bob

    You could also install it by double clicking the rpm in your file manager. As you would in Ubuntu.

    Double clicking the icon would basically lauch the yast2 sw_single window for installation :o)

  3. Hi! I am trying to install google-chrome-beta, google-chrome-unstable, i386 and x86_64 versions. Every time when I run it, it falls. In terminal window after running exists an error:

    /usr/bin/google-chrome: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/google-chrome: undefined symbol: cairo_format_stride_for_width

    My system is openSUSE 11.0 x86_64. :-(

  4. I’d be interested in knowing what version of libcario you have. Also information on what Desktop Environment you are running (id LXDE, KDE or GNOME etc).

    you can find libcario with rpm -qa | grep cario

    Thank you.

  5. I noticed that your tutorial does not indicate 32bit or 64 bit. Is it safe to assume that it will automagically detect and send the appropriate one?

  6. Hi,

    I’m trying to install google-chrome on openSUSE 11.0

    When I run google-chrome I get this message and it does not open. If you do a first time run it ask you the default questions and import stuff and then exits.

    opt> google-chrome
    /usr/bin/google-chrome: /opt/google/chrome/ no version information available (required by /usr/bin/google-chrome)
    /opt/google/chrome/chrome: /opt/google/chrome/ no version information available (required by /opt/google/chrome/chrome)
    [11152:11152:61021937243:ERROR:chrome/browser/] Error reading Preferences: File doesn’t exist. /root/.config/google-chrome/Local State: No such file or directory
    [11152:11152:61021942361:ERROR:chrome/browser/] Error reading Preferences: File doesn’t exist. /root/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences: No such file or directory
    /usr/bin/google-chrome: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/google-chrome: undefined symbol: cairo_format_stride_for_width
    —output— is installed. I created a link to the lib in the google-chrome install directory but with no effect.

    I have cairo 1.4.14-32.1 installed. When I upgraded to cairo-1.8.10-103.1.i586.rpm the error persisted. However, this also broke acroread, firefox and 3 as they are all dependent on cairo 1.4… I reverted back to the ‘older’ cairo and now acroread & firefox works but, keeps on crashing.

    I also copies the ‘Local State’ & ‘Preferences’ files from a Windows install. Those two error lines then disappeared.

    The output now looks like this.
    opt> google-chrome
    /usr/bin/google-chrome: /opt/google/chrome/ no version information available (required by /usr/bin/google-chrome)
    /opt/google/chrome/chrome: /opt/google/chrome/ no version information available (required by /opt/google/chrome/chrome)
    /usr/bin/google-chrome: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/google-chrome: undefined symbol: cairo_format_stride_for_width

    Do you have any suggestions?

  7. I had exactly the same problem as Ulrich, on OpenSuse 11.0. There is a version conflict with cairo-devel. The solution I found was to go to the Cairo website and pull down the next version up from the default version that comes with OpenSuse 11.0:


    The 1.6.0 version of Cairo:

    As root, do these commands:
    tar xvfz cairo-1.6.0.tar.gz
    cd cairo-1.6.0
    make install

    This will put the 1.6 version of Cairo into your /usr/local/lib directory where it should not conflict with the existing, older Cairo in /usr/lib.

    These steps caused google-chrome to work perfectly for me.

    Good luck!

  8. Hey folks,

    I was able to add Google’s repository to my sources in OpenSUSE 12.1 (64bit) by doing the following (i am using a very minimal install of SUSE using X & OpenBox) –

    1. Download Google’s public key, & either use YaST or the commandline to install it –

    user@computer:~$ wget

    Then (in the same directory that you downloaded the key), using the command line (RPM) again i did –

    root@computer:/# rpm –import

    2. Now you can add the repository through the GUI in YaST or on the command line again. Here’s what i did –

    root@computer:/# zypper ar

    Hope this helps. Happy hacking.

  9. Hey there, I read your post after looking for many ways to install google chrome in linux SuSE 11, and it didn’t worked… It says that google-chrome-stable has problems with google-chrome-beta so I have the option to nos install beta, or uninstall stable… What should I do?

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