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5 Dec

Ok, I have to admit when I first thought or heard of this feature in KDE 4.4, I wasn’t really excited. I thought.. centex . now why the hell would I want that. Then I started using it.. and found quite a few usage scenario’s for it. The first one, I realized right after I launched my VirtualBox. I had always hated how VirtualBox had a separate window for each VM and / or the main VirtualBox console, however, now with the Windows Grouping this is no longer an issue. Here’s a picture of the Virtual Box window open with 2 tabs. KDE 44 Tabbed Windows FullHere’s a close look at the tabs onlyKDE 44 Tabbed Windows SmallAfter using it with Virtual Box, I realized that there may be other very simple usages of this, which include having 2 browsers open for website compatibility (I primarily use Opera, which some sites are not compatible with, and to combat the second window being open, I grouped my Opera and Firefox). I’m sure there are many other usages of the tabbed windows, that I’m overlooking. I’ve only used it for about 45 minutes and found those 2 cases. .I’d be interested in knowing what usability you think it will help you with. I will later write about adding KDE 4.4 onto openSUSE 11.2, probably when KDE 4.4 hits RC1.


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11 thoughts on “KDE 4.4 Beta 1 – Tabbed Windows Review – openSUSE

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  2. Fluxbox had this feature for ages, and it is one of the reasons, why i switched from kde to fluxbox… Good to see, that it will get finally implemented in kde!

  3. Funny, I was daydreaming of this exact same feature with no knowledge of KDE’s implementation just the other day. Great minds think alike, I guess…

  4. I hope you mean dreaming as in a figurative sense (ie wishing it were there), and not a figurative dream with KDE tabbed windows being included. 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by

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  6. Tabbed windows ACROSS the top? …no way on a wide screen monitor. Color-coded or left-right-top-bottom choices? …excellent idea way too long overdue [ala Firefox’s Tab Kit and ChromaTabs]

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