Major VMware ESX 3.5/3.5i Update 2 Bug Discovered

12 Aug

Have you upgraded to VMware ESX 3.5 already? If so be sure not to power off ANY of the virtual machines on there. A new bug in VMware ESX 3.5/3.5i Update 2 will keep the powered off virtual machine to power back on, what could cause this type of behaviour you might wonder? A bug that incorrectly expires your license on August 12th (which happens to be today). Other services that check licenses (ie Vmotion / HA / DRS) may also not work. colorado lawyer . Please see the knowledge base from vmware: is a copy of the Symptoms from Vmware’s website: A virtual machine fails to power on, fails to leave suspend mode, or fails to migrate with VMotion and the following message is displayed in the vmware.log file for the virtual machine:This product has expired. Be sure that your host machine's date and time are set correctly.There is a more recent version available at the VMware web site: License Power on failed.Currently running virtual machines will continue to run but will not be able to perform migration with VMotion, or power on virtual machines.The workaround is to disable NTP if set, and change the date to a previous date (I would do the 8th .. so you have time to upgrade with the new ESX 3.5u2 packages due out Aug 13th at NOON PST. classic bmw .


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