Microsoft Azure – Temporary Location for Windows Servers D: Drive

13 Jul

Previously I wrote about Temporary Disk Resources in Linux on Azure. Today I need to vent about Microsoft’s decision to utilize the drive letter D: for the default location for “Temporary Disks” on Windows VMs within Azure.

At my place of work we utilize the D: drive for Application Data, as I assume many others are. Though this is simple to change it makes you wonder why? Why would you select the D drive as the default location for a Temporary Disk where all data saved would be lost at the time of a power-state change.

For our deployments we’ve decided to mount the temp disk location to C:\WindowsAzure\TemporaryDisk. Obviously we’re also moving the location of the swap file (though our default swap location on our internal systems are 1GB since we’d rather size the machine correctly). It’s quite likely this will change in the future, but for now since it’s a component of Windows Azure I’ve decided to bundle it up with the other Azure Components.


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