OpenOffice 3.0 Your Way, Right Away

10 Oct

As you may know the next series of ooffice (OpenOffice) is due out October 13th as outlined in their RoadMap. However, that date is typically the date where it is widely avaliable to everyone. I am actually quite please to annouce, you can actually find it NOW from most external mirrors Listed Right Here and Right Now.

openoffice 3.0.0

Are you wondering what OpenOffice 3.0 will bring to you? Wonder no longer, as we have some of the major enhancements listed for you here:

You can also find a great walkthrough of many of the features from an earlier version of 3.0 here:

Here’s some direct links:

Linux tar.gz download US Mirror

Windows .exe download US Mirror

Micheal Meeks Measures and Defines the Success of openoffice.

Also, I imagine the openSUSE repository will be setup shortly after the repository servers come back on line (they are experiencing a major power outtage). The opensuse 11.0 openoffice stable repo can be found here:



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