openSUSE Tumbleweed net-tools vs net-tools-deprecated

2 Jul

The openSUSE project has finally decided to split the deprecated net-tools binaries from the core net-tools package and moved them into net-tools-deprecated.

The following tools were removed from net-tools and moved into net-tools-deprecated in openSUSE Tumbleweed


You should only use the above deprecated tools if, and only if there’s an antiquated application or tool that you’re running requires them.

What should you be using in their place?

Deprecated ToolAlternative Tool
arpip n
ifconfigip a
ipmaddrip maddr
iptunnelip tunnel
ip route (netstat -r)
ip -s link (netstat -i)
routeip r

If you haven’t made the switch I highly recommend you do as the the above (along with mil-tool and nameif) have been deprecated for many years now per the net-tools Linux Foundation page.


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