Puppet 2.6.0 on SLES 11 SP1

21 Jul

Recently my organization signed a contract with Novell to implement some SLES. With this I decided to start implementing puppet (learning it first) along with setting up SMT repositories and the such.

However, the puppet package that shipped with SLES 11 and eventually SLES 11 SP1 were 0.24.8. This version didn’t include the zypper definition (or zypprepo) which is now in puppet 2.6.0,. And if you had upgraded to 0.25.4 in the system:management repository, you will have realized that it’s quite broken due.

I’ve since then modified the .spec, and modified the upstream server.init and client.init to work and build correctly on SLES 11 and openSUSE 11.x. Upstream fixes to the puppet 2.6.0 branch to update server.init, client.init, puppet.spec have been committed along with updates to the conf/suse directory to include the required default conf files.

A Novell bugzilla for the system:management repository to be fixed has been opened, but don’t imagine that will be fixed anytime soon (I haven’t been able to get a response from the maintainers). With that said, the repository I’ve created in the buildservice can be found here:

######## Update ########
This has been obsoleted, and I now recommend using (or forking from) the following repository:


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  3. Hello,
    the directory /eclipseagent:/puppet/ just disapeared or has been moved somewhere. Does anybody know where to? Or does know another repo which hosts puppet? Is there also somewhere a repo out fpr SLES10?


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