Sales Options for the Private Individual

23 Jul

With the U.S. economy in its current state, many people are looking for ways to earn more money. One easy way to do that is to sell possessions that you no longer need or use, whether over the Internet or with a more traditional garage or yard sale. That’s not the only way to earn money online, though. If you have any skills or talents, you can sell crafts, clothes you’ve made, and much more via dedicated sites. Another option is to order goods from a wholesaler, and then become a retailer for these items.

Selling off Your Stuff

Stuff that you no longer need or use can be lucrative. If you have a signed copy of the White Album by the Beatles, but you no longer listen to their music or have begun to dislike them, you can easily sell that for a pretty penny. For something like that, when it’s worth a lot of money even objectively, it’s better to sell over the Internet on an auction site. You can attract bidders who will drive the price up; in a garage or yard sale, people will try to talk you down. Some of the best items to sell in garage and yard sales are clothes you no longer want or need, such as baby clothes, toys that aren’t worth much, books, CDs, and movies. You may need a permit to have a sale in your city, so be sure to check with your local government.

The Handmade Options

When you consider selling items you’ve made, ranging from a hand-knitted shawl to photography prints to felted toys, your best bet is to sell over the Internet. Shopify websites are one example of how you can sell things you’ve made. You set up your own site, list your items, and use the console provided to manage your content. Another version is Etsy. You don’t have your own site with them; instead, it’s a collection of pages. You create listings of your products on the site, which are then listed on your front page. Sites like these two can be easy to use, though there is a fee attached to them.

Become an Online Retailer

Believe it or not, many wholesalers throughout the country are looking for retailers to take their products off their hands. You can take advantage of this by creating your own small business, deciding on a product you want to sell, contacting the wholesalers, then creating a website listing your inventory. For instance, if you want to sell shoes, a company like New Balance that has a good reputation might be a good place to start. Keep in mind that you’ll have to have your inventory on hand so that you can easily ship to buyers; a rented storage space might be ideal for that. You can even do this in your spare time; when people place orders, you just need to go to your storage space, find the product they ordered, and ship it in a timely manner.

There are many ways to make money selling items, even in this economy. Your options range from traditional yard or garage sales to listing items online. Some sellers get quite popular, and the income boost is nothing to complain about. The only things you need to bear in mind are how time-consuming your sales might be and keeping enough inventory on hand to satisfy your customers.


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